Communicate with the LameStation from your computer.

ser : "LameSerial"


  • ser.Bin - Send an integer value as a binary number string.
  • ser.Char - Send one byte of data.
  • ser.CharIn - Receive one byte of data.
  • ser.Clear - Clear the remote terminal.
  • ser.Count - Get count of characters in receive buffer.
  • ser.Dec - Send an integer value as a decimal number string.
  • ser.Flush - Empty the receive buffer.
  • ser.Hex - Send an integer value as a hexadecimal number string.
  • ser.Start - Start serial communication with the host computer at 115200 baud.
  • ser.StartRxTx - Start serial communication on any pins with any configuration.
  • ser.Str - Send a string.