Text-drawing functionality for LameStation games.

txt : "LameText"

Demos for this object can be found in the /demos/text/ folder of the SDK.


  • txt.Bin - Draw a binary value at position (x,y).
  • txt.Char - Draw a character at position (x,y).
  • txt.Dec - Draw a decimal value at position (x,y).
  • txt.Hex - Draw a hexadecimal value at position (x,y).
  • txt.Load - Load a font into LameText.
  • txt.Str - Draw a string at position (x,y).



LameGFX must be started before LameText can be used.

Begin by loading a font into LameText with txt.Load, passing the font address, first character, and character width and height. Only one font can be loaded at a time, but fonts can be switched at any time. Changing the width and height of the font changes the spacing of letters.

Now you can use any of the text-drawing commands, keeping in mind that they won’t be visible until lcd.Draw is called.

Font Format

LameStation fonts are regular LameGFX sprites, but organized according to the ASCII table.

You can find a collection of ready-to-use fonts in /media/fonts/.