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LameStation specializes in cross-platform development, development tools, and hardware/software interfaces


Bring your ideas to life! We can help you manage the entire lifecycle of your product from prototype to production, and help you to avoid mistakes that will become very expensive later on.

  • Microcontroller and embedded applications
  • Prototype to production
  • Component sourcing
  • Designing for manufacture
  • Hardware/software interfaces


Writing your software is already a difficult task, but how do you deliver it? We specialize in developing software that not only does what you need it to do, but runs everywhere that you need it.

  • Cross-platform application development
  • Automation, deployment
  • Qt, C++, C, Python, Bash
  • Linux, OS X, Windows


We work with a wide range of technologies to produce documentation that is clean, portable, and easy to maintain. We can even help with the painful task of migrating your old documentation.

  • Single-source documentation
  • Static website creation
  • GitBook, Jekyll, Doxygen, Asciidoc, Wikitext, Markdown, ReStructuredText, XML

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Past Projects

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Ken Gracey President, Parallax Inc.

Parallax had the unique experience of working with Brett on a community-guided software project very important to our company: the open source PropellerIDE for Mac, Win and Linux. Brett is very creative, holds a steady course on the design, timeline and priorities in keeping with the priorities of the actual users and clients. He's a clear communicator with all aspects that matter to our management, too: finance, scheduling, releases, etc.

What I really valued about Brett is that he's current - he knows the ins and outs of the tools we want to use: GitHub, Qt and the open source development process that involves contributions and input from people all over the place. We would certainly hire Brett again for our core software projects!

Ken Gracey