Download SDK

Click the LameStation to begin.

Looking for an older version? View the release archive.

Copyright © 2016 LameStation LLC. LameStation SDK is free software, released under the MIT License.


Setting up the SDK

  1. Unpack the SDK, which is a .zip archive, to a directory of your choosing.

  2. Open PropellerIDE and go to “Edit -> Preferences”.

    Note: On OS X, Preferences falls under PropellerIDE, not Edit.

  3. Click the Languages tab, and under Includes in the Spin box, and click Add Path to add the location of the unpacked SDK.

  4. Hit OK!

PropellerIDE should now be set up for use with the LameStation.

Testing your installation

We can verify that the LameStation is working by loading a game from the games/ directory of the SDK. Let’s start by opening games/piXel/piXel.spin and pressing F10 to download.

If it worked, you should see this screen.

If you’d like to try a different game, they follow a simple naming convention: in a folder named AwesomeGame/, the game would be named AwesomeGame.spin.

Note: You can only have one game loaded at a time.


  • I’m getting lots of _‘NOT FOUND’_ messages. What’s the deal?

    Looks like you haven’t set up the library path correctly. Make sure you properly added the SDK.